Look, Ma, I’m Published!

Have another big post with lots of exciting info coming soon…but in the meantime…

Method Gun

It’s always a pleasure to write about the work of the Austin-based theatre collective, The Rude Mechs…but it’s even better when people want to publish it! Last March, I presented a shorter version of my article, “The Presents of Absence: Inspiring Creation Within the Pedagogical Void in Rude Mechs’ The Method Gun,” at the Practice/Production Symposium at the Mid-America Theatre Conference. And thanks to the editors, Jennifer Schlueter and Erica Beimesche, along with their skilled readers, I had the chance to rewrite and polish it for publication in Volume 5 of the symposium’s journal Theatre/Practice. Who knew scholarship could be so much fun? Click on over and check out not only my work, but the work of my colleagues as well.