Arkansas Bound!

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The SAU campus in panorama

Exciting news to share – I have accepted an offer from the Department of Performing Arts and Mass Communication at Southern Arkansas University to serve as their new Assistant Professor of Musical Theatre and Director of Theatre for the fall! Tiffany has also been offered an adjunct position teaching several theatre courses as well – so the Murphtones are thrilled to make the trek to the town of Magnolia.


The front lawn of Third District Agricultural School (the former name of SAU) in 1912


Yeah, their mascot is the Mulerider!


Overstreet, the main administration building, today

The Department just launched its new BFA Musical Theatre Program last fall, to complement their BFA
Theatre degree. I’ll be teaching, directing the season’s four shows, and helping guide the Theatre side of things in this time of exciting transition.


Rehearsal for this past season’s production of “The Crucible”

The University has three very cool spaces where we’ll get to work – the Harton Theatre, a large proscenium theatre; a small black box studio; and the very awesome Greek Theatre located on-campus. I feel so honored to join the faculty this coming August and can’t wait to create some great theatre with the students, faculty, and staff!


Horton Theatre façade, on the other side of Overstreet


Inside Harton Theatre


Greek Theatre in 1937


Greek Theatre in 1940


Recently-renovated Greek Theatre today